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APS TUBE PNEUMATIC CLEANING (TANGSHAN) CO.,LTD is a professional production of PSI pneumatic cleaning equipment, PSI manufactures, markets and distributes a family of revolutionary air tools for the cleaning of hose, tube and pipe from 3mm to 100mm across a wide range of industry for the 21st century. From hydraulics to refrigeration, food and beverage, aerospace, telecommunications, construction, marine, mining and offshore oil &gas; PSI are supplying the solutions to keeping the arteries and nerves of the industrial world clean.
“Giving customers value for money” We believe the element to our success as a company relies solely on our dedication to providing exceptional service.
“Partners with, not just supplies to” We are committed to the reality of the new millennium; our success rests squarely on being a “partner with, not just a supplier to”, our customers. We have the ability to recognize specific problems of our partner and develop for them, custom made solutions. This partnership commitment is complimented by our dedication to product/ service, which makes PSI a practical and productive reality.
Mission Statement It is the aim of PSI to provide solutions to our clients using the latest cutting edge technology, as the basic foundation for long-term relationships with our customers, partners, employees, and the community as a whole.



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