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Do you know how to clean the floor heating pipe when it is cold?

Immediately autumn is also fast in the past, will usher in the cold winter, in the face of the floor heating has been used for a long time, do you have confidence in its heating ability?

What are the cleaning methods of floor heating pipes?

With the development of society, at present, floor heating is a common phenomenon of heating in winter. After several years of heating, scale and clay will accumulate in the floor heating pipeline. Therefore, many households will clean the floor heating pipeline regularly in order to achieve good heating effect and prevent damage to the floor heating pipeline from affecting its service life. So what tools do you need to prepare to clean the floor heating pipe? What are the cleaning steps of floor heating pipes? Next, the small editor of Aobo will explain it for you.

How to clean the floor heating pipe? Geothermal pipeline cleaning

The method of using sponge projectiles to clean the floor heating pipeline is not difficult. Put high-density sponge projectiles into the water inlet of the floor heating pipeline, and then use the pneumatic cleaning gun with the air pump to push the sponge projectiles, and then the sponge projectiles will fully rub with the inner wall of the floor heating pipeline to achieve the effect of pipeline cleaning. The cleaning effect is thorough and does not damage the pipeline.

Do you know PSI brand? What is PSI pipeline cleaning equipment?

When it comes to PSI, I don't think you know much about it, but you can see a lot of PSI products on the Internet. You think psi is a product type. In fact, psi is a brand of Australian pipeline cleaning equipment, and the branch of Australian psi brand in China is APS. APS everyone can see the combination of PSI and APS in the product logo. APS is actually Dr. Australia, Orbos pipeline pneumatic cleaning (Tangshan) Co., Ltd. is mainly responsible for the domestic sales, product import, storage and delivery of PSI products.

How about cleaning stainless steel pipes with a pipe cleaning gun?

We all know that the inner wall of the stainless steel pipe needs to be cleaned when leaving the factory and when in use. Do you know how to clean the rust and other pollutants on the inner wall of the pipeline? Let's first learn about our pipeline pneumatic cleaning gun. The principle of pipeline pneumatic cleaning gun is to clean through friction. Let's talk about it in detail.

Foam projectile and nozzle matching Table

Sponge projectile and nozzle matching Table
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