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Common technical problems of pneumatic pipeline cleaning device

Source :APS tube pneumatic cleaningTime :2020-10-20

1. How to remove a bullet larger than the pipe diameter?

Water is injected into the launching end of the pipe to lubricate the bullet, and then the other end of the pipe injects compressed air through the launcher to push the bullet out.

What if the bullet can't move in the tube?

At the other end of the pipe, use the launcher to inject compressed air to push the bullet out. When cleaning the pipeline, if the dirt in the pipe is too large or too hard, air test should be launched first. If the pipeline is not blocked, the bullet smaller than the pipe diameter should be used for exploratory cleaning. If there is no abnormality, the same caliber or large caliber bullet can be fired for formal cleaning, so as to avoid the bullet stuck in the pipe.

3. What if the bullet doesn't come out of the mouth?

If the bullet cannot be discharged from the muzzle, choose a smaller caliber bullet or use a different caliber nozzle.

4. Why are bullets damaged?

If the bullet is damaged after shooting, it indicates that there are burrs, hard objects and solder joints inside the pipe. In addition, excessive turning and excessive air pressure will also cause the bullet to scratch and damage in varying degrees. At the same time, the bullet with the same caliber or smaller than the pipe diameter should be soaked and fired again, and the damaged bullet should be pushed out to check whether there are burrs, solder joints and hard objects in the pipeline.

5. Can bullet cleaning be reused?

Whether the bullet can be reused depends on the pipeline application industry, as well as the pipeline cleaning requirements and industry standards. In food, medicine, beverage, drinking water, beer, cream, fruit paste, bean products, dairy products, health care products, cosmetics and other industries, the reuse of cleaned bullets will not be recommended; if the user can ensure that the cleaned bullets still meet the health standards, the enterprises can consider the reuse of bullets according to their own conditions.

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