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Do you know PSI brand? What is PSI pipeline cleaning equipment?

Source :APS tube pneumatic cleaningTime :2021-08-30

When it comes to PSI, I don't think you know much about it, but you can see a lot of PSI products on the Internet. You think psi is a product type. In fact, psi is a brand of Australian pipeline cleaning equipment, and the branch of Australian psi brand in China is APS. APS everyone can see the combination of PSI and APS in the product logo. APS is actually Dr. Australia, Orbos pipeline pneumatic cleaning (Tangshan) Co., Ltd. is mainly responsible for the domestic sales, product import, storage and delivery of PSI products.

Sponge projectile

The basic principle of PSI pipeline cleaning equipment is to take the compressed air as the power, use the special transmitter of PSI elastic gas tool to launch a special projectile greater than 10% - 20% of the pipe diameter into the pipeline to be cleaned, make it move at high speed along the pipeline axis, and use the high-speed kinetic energy of the bullet to fully rub with the inner wall of the pipeline to achieve the physical dry cleaning of the inner wall of the pipeline. It can also be used for missile lead in pipeline. It not only avoids the waste of water resources caused by the use of chemical reagents, but also automatically degrades psi projectiles and does not pollute the environment. It belongs to green environmental protection and cleaning products, and is also known as the "air companion". PSI pipeline cleaning equipment has the advantages of simplicity, environmental protection, time saving, high efficiency, economy and energy saving, and is deeply honored by industrial enterprises in the industry.

As the general agent of orbos psi pipeline cleaning equipment in China's manufacturing industry and southern Liaoning market, it is responsible for technology promotion and product sales in China's shipbuilding industry and Northeast market, and provides customers with technical consultation and after-sales service.

Psi is the world's leading pipeline cleaning and threading technology, which is widely used in telecommunications, petroleum, mining, chemical industry, food and beverage, fluid transportation, electronics, aviation, air conditioning and refrigeration, heat exchanger, condenser, shipping, navigation, military industry, pharmaceutical and other fields. At the same time, it has been providing pipeline cleaning services with world-class enterprises. For example, Coca Cola, Boeing and McDonnell Douglas all use psi products. PSI pipeline cleaning equipment is suitable for the cleaning of pipelines with various diameters below 200m. It is not limited by the shape of the pipeline and can directly penetrate the ball valve. In the residue treatment of complex multi valve pipeline and the cleaning and polishing in the pipe, it completely solves the defects of high-pressure water jet, residual liquid after cleaning and complex residual chemicals after chemical reagent cleaning The three fields of pipeline threading and anti-corrosion inside the pipeline create a new era!

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