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How to clean the floor heating pipe? Geothermal pipeline cleaning

Source :APS tube pneumatic cleaningTime :2021-09-09

The method of using sponge projectiles to clean the floor heating pipeline is not difficult. Put high-density sponge projectiles into the water inlet of the floor heating pipeline, and then use the pneumatic cleaning gun with the air pump to push the sponge projectiles, and then the sponge projectiles will fully rub with the inner wall of the floor heating pipeline to achieve the effect of pipeline cleaning. The cleaning effect is thorough and does not damage the pipeline.

Floor heating pipe

Floor heating pipe flushing

At present, there are other methods for cleaning floor heating on the market, such as pulse pipeline cleaning method and pipeline chemical cleaning method.

Let's talk about the pulse pipeline cleaning method. The principle of the pulse pipeline cleaning machine is to inject water and gas into the geothermal pipeline in sections. Under the action of high-pressure gas, the medium water will produce air explosion effect and flush the sludge and scale in the pipeline to achieve the purpose of dredging and cleaning. However, it has no effect on scale, and the construction is also limited by space, In some homes, it is impossible to construct geothermal water separators in secret places.

Floor heating pipe

Projectile cleaning floor heating pipe

Chemical flushing of pipes requires chemicals. The use of chemicals may wash away a thin layer of the floor heating pipes, which will cause damage and rupture to the floor heating pipes over a long time. It is the most undesirable of all floor heating cleaning methods. Of course, the method of matching sponge projectiles with seriously blocked pipes can not be said to be appropriate.

These are three good methods for cleaning floor heating in the market. Cleaning floor heating pipes with sponge projectiles is actually a good choice. It will not cause slag jamming as some peers say. As long as high-density sponge projectiles are used together, it is impossible to cause bullet jamming and slag dropping, Therefore, it is better to clean the floor heating pipeline with sponge projectiles, which really does no harm to the pipeline.

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