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What are the cleaning methods of floor heating pipes?

Source :APS tube pneumatic cleaningTime :2021-09-09

With the development of society, at present, floor heating is a common phenomenon of heating in winter. After several years of heating, scale and clay will accumulate in the floor heating pipeline. Therefore, many households will clean the floor heating pipeline regularly in order to achieve good heating effect and prevent damage to the floor heating pipeline from affecting its service life. So what tools do you need to prepare to clean the floor heating pipe? What are the cleaning steps of floor heating pipes? Next, the small editor of Aobo will explain it for you.

Pipeline cleaning method

Floor heating pipe cleaning

First of all, the three most common methods for cleaning floor heating pipes are: sponge projectile plus cleaning agent cleaning, sponge projectile cleaning and pulse wave physical cleaning.

The common point of the three methods is that they all use a kind of sponge projectile for cleaning. Therefore, the sponge projectile is an indispensable part of cleaning the floor heating pipeline. Whether the pipeline is cleaned with chemical agent or physical type, the sponge projectile will be used. The sponge projectile is made of an ultra-high-density sponge. At present, high-density sponges are used in the OBOS sponge projectile series. During the process of cleaning the floor heating pipeline, the sponge projectile will not fall and jam, and has high toughness.

Floor heating pipe cleaning

Both sponge projectile plus cleaning agent cleaning and sponge projectile cleaning use pneumatic cleaning equipment to launch sponge projectile cleaning to the floor heating pipeline. Its principle is to generate friction between the sponge projectile and the inner wall of the pipeline to achieve the cleaning effect. In order to clean the pipeline with high difficulty, the chemical agent will be used for cleaning, and the chemical agent is easy to corrode the pipeline.

Cleaning method of floor heating pipeline

If you don't trust to use chemical cleaning agent, you can use high-end sponge projectiles. For example, the friction sponge projectiles and frosted sponge projectiles of orbos series can achieve super clean effect. The principle is that their surfaces are equipped with emery, which will produce greater resistance and friction when rubbing on the inner wall of floor heating pipeline, and the cleaning effect will be better.

The pulse wave physical cleaning method is to use the combination of gas, water and electromagnetic pulse to convert the internal vortex power into kinetic energy, move at high speed in the form of small molecules, and pass the heat, kinetic energy and electromagnetic pulse in the process of operation. This method can also have the problem of small cleaning force for simple floor heating pipe cleaning, and there will be unclean cleaning. The cleaning force is not as good as the sponge projectile cleaning method.

Therefore, the sponge projectile cleaning method is recognized as the most thorough and effective pipeline cleaning method in the industry. However, it is not easy to select a good equipment. As we all know, if the technology is not professional or the operation is wrong, it is likely to cause cartridge jamming. Therefore, it is very important to remind you to choose a good pneumatic cleaning gun equipment!

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