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Do you know how to clean the floor heating pipe when it is cold?

Source :APS tube pneumatic cleaningTime :2021-09-30

Immediately autumn is also fast in the past, will usher in the cold winter, in the face of the floor heating has been used for a long time, do you have confidence in its heating ability? If you still use gas heating, you should pay more attention to the gas cost you consume. With the use of the floor heating pipe for a long time, the accumulated dirt and biological slime in the interior of the floor heating pipe will adhere to the inside of the pipe wall, which is harmful to human health, while blocking the floor heating, increasing the energy consumption of the floor heating, and affecting the heating effect. Do you know a good way to clean floor heating? The following ausboshi xiaobian for everyone to introduce.

Cleaning of floor heating

First of all, we need to prepare equipment and materials to clean the floor heating. This time, we introduce the method of using sponge projectile pipeline cleaning equipment to clean with sponge projectile.

The first step: what we need to do is to use pipe pliers or wrench tools to unscrew both ends of the floor heating pipe from the water distributor.

Floor heating pipe cleaning

Unscrew both ends of the floor heating pipe

Floor heating pipe cleaning

Use calipers to unscrew the floor heating pipe

Pipeline cleaning

The two ends of the floor heating pipe have been unscrewed

Step 2: Place a sponge projectile larger than 10 to 20 percent of the pipe diameter into the unscrewed end of the floor heating pipe.

Pipeline cleaning equipment

Put sponge projectiles in the floor heating pipe

Step 3: use of a pipe cleaning equipment that sponge projectile along the flow direction, on the other side can flow to tube sponge projectile will use friction launch of pollutants, and air cleaning equipment of thrust are strong, not cause the phenomenon of CARDS to play, because the pneumatic cleaning equipment are used in the hydraulic system is used, the use of the industrial use thrust or strong at home.

Pipeline cleaning equipment

If you need to clean 90 degrees, T, ring, U, snake and other complex and multi-curved pipes can be considered using this method.

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