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How about cleaning stainless steel pipes with a pipe cleaning gun?

Source :APS tube pneumatic cleaningTime :2021-08-30

We all know that the inner wall of the stainless steel pipe needs to be cleaned when leaving the factory and when in use. Do you know how to clean the rust and other pollutants on the inner wall of the pipeline? Let's first learn about our pipeline pneumatic cleaning gun. The principle of pipeline pneumatic cleaning gun is to clean through friction. Let's talk about it in detail.

Pipe cleaning

How to clean the rust in the stainless steel pipe?

First of all, we need to know that rust is a substance that is difficult to clean, so we need to clean it with the help of solvent and sponge projectile. First wash the inner wall of the pipeline with solvent, then put the sponge projectile larger than the inner diameter of the pipeline into the pipeline, and use the power of the pipeline cleaning gun to make the sponge projectile flow along the inner wall of the pipeline to produce friction, so as to achieve the effect of pipeline cleaning.

If it is difficult to clean on the way, it is necessary to replace the sponge projectile with a friction sponge projectile with greater resistance, so that the friction generated in the pipeline will be greater and the cleaning effect will be better.

How to clean the inner wall of stainless steel pipe with slight pollutants?

The slightly polluted inner wall of the pipeline only needs to use multi-purpose sponge projectiles to clean the inner wall of the pipeline. It can also be cleaned with special stainless steel pipe cleaning agent, but the effect is not as good as that of pneumatic cleaning gun.

The combined cleaning method of pipeline pneumatic cleaning gun and sponge projectile can completely replace the pipeline cleaning methods of water washing, air drying, air flushing and other links. It is very practical. It can not only clean stainless steel pipes, but also clean hoses, hard pipes, rubber pipes, air pipes, steel pipes, etc.

The pipeline cleaning gun has a wide application range and a large diameter range of sponge projectiles, so almost all industrial pipelines can be used! Using this method can not only save time and facilitate use, but also protect the service life of the pipeline.

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