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APS tube pneumatic cleaning
APS tube pneumatic cleaning

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AM-1 General Operation

Source :APS tube pneumatic cleaningTime :2013-09-11




Step One

Select appropriate Foam Projectile Launcher Head.

Connect the Launcher Head to the AIR-MATETM by inserting the spigot and mushroom pin into the AIR-MATETM and turning it anti clockwise.

Lock in position by activating the safety mechanism by depressing the trigger.

If the trigger cannot be depressed the head is not correctly engaged and requires further adjustment.

Do NOT proceed until safety mechanism is activated by depressing the trigger.



Step Two

Press key lock to release ring plate. Select and insert the appropriate nozzle.



Step Three

Select the correct pellet from the pellet sizing chart and insert it into the rear of the nozzle.



Step Four

Connect with the hose, tube or pipe to be cleaned.



Step Five

The contaminant is squeezed by the pellet
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