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AM-1 Problem solving

Source :APS tube pneumatic cleaningTime :2013-09-11


Problem Pellet remains lodged in the hose, tube or pipe

Solution (a) Operate the unit from the other end without using a foam projectile.

   (b) Check if the air pressure is adequate, or increase as required

   (c) Check that the hose fittings from the air source are the recommended size at least 8mm                  internal diameter.

   (d) Clear first then consider using smaller pellet.

   (e) Check for line restrictions i.e. contraction and expansion of line.

   (f) Once the foam projectile is recovered check it for tears.This may indicate a foreign obstruction.

   (g) Check that the 'line' has no other outlets or off-shoots.

Problem Pellet will not enter hose, tube or pipe.

Solution (a) Ensure tube entry is not restricted.

   (b) Check if air pressure is adequate.

   (c) Blast air only through the system.

   (d) Check recommended size.

   (e) Try a smaller foam projectile.

Problem Nozzle does not slide easily into O ring on Foam Projectile Launcher head.

Solution (a) Lubricate the O ring.



a) Always fire AIR-MATETM into a T piece and block off the opposite end to the side you want to clean.



If you cannot close or cap one end of the T piece,

close the lower inlet and fire across the top.

Please note: The pellet must hit the wall of the pipe

to turn; it will not turn by itself.


a) Always fire the AIR-MATETM into one of the two ends in the continuing line.
b) Then fire the AIR-MATETM from the other end into the continuing line.
c) Follow the same procedure as for a T piece.
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