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AM-2 Safety and Maintenance

Source :APS tube pneumatic cleaningTime :2013-09-11


When operating the Foam Projectile Launcher there are some basic safety rules you must follow.

~  Always wear safety glasses.  

~  Wear protective clothing, gloves and respiratory protection as required.

~  Never point the launcher at another person or yourself

~  Ensure that the hose, tube or pipe from which the contaminates will be ejected is contained in a foam projectile catcher and or pointed in a safe direction.

~  Check that the air supply is fitted correctly and always turn off the air supply before disconnecting the line.

~  Regularly maintain the Pellet Launcher and accessories.



Basic Maintenance of your foam projectile launcher and accessories will ensure smooth operation. Simple steps are as follows;

~  Store Pellet launcher an Nozzles in the case provided

~  Keep foam projectile Launcher and nozzles clean, Soap and warm water are adequate to keep the nozzles clean.

~  Use a small amount of lubricant on all O-rings

~  A mal amount of oil in the air inlet will usually stop a leaking trigger

~  Always store the pellets in boxes away from direct sunlight or fluorescent light as the pellets are subject to deterioration and discolouration under these conditions.

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