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AM-2 General Operation

Source :APS tube pneumatic cleaningTime :2013-09-11


Step One

  • Loosen Locking Nut by turning in an anticlock wise direc-tion

  • Select appropriate foam projectile launcher Head

  • Connect the head to AM-2 Hand-piece by inserting the spigot into the locking mechanism and aligning the Iocator


Step Two

  • Lock the head into position by turning the locking nut in a clock wise direction.

  • Check to ensure head is securely fixed.


Step Three

  • Depress the Key lock button to open front face plate.



Step Four

  • Select and insert appropriate nozzle into the face plate


Step Five

  • Select the appropriate pellet from the foam projectile sizing chart and fully insert into the rear of the nozzle


Step Six

  • Close face plate with nozzle by squeezing face plate against main body untiI locked into position.


Step Seven

  • Connect the air supply by a quick release 10mm or 12m coupling.

  • The minimum air pressure required is 600kPa / 85psi and a maximum of 700kPa / 100psi of regulated air.

  • The air source can be from a standard l0-15cfm compressor or a suitable air or inert gas bottle.

  • Nozzles above 50mm or longer distances may require greater cfm capacity.

  • Never Use Oxygen as an air source.


Step Eight

  • Before operating the AM-2 pellet launcher, check to ensure the exit end of the hose/Tube or Pipe to be cleaned is contained an a foam projectile catcher or pointing in a safe direction

WARNING; This is important as some pellets (eg. Grinding) and contamination that may be expelled may cause injury.


Step Nine

  • Place the nozzle firmly into or against the Hose, Tube or pipe to be cleaned to ensure a firm seal is achieved.

  • Depress the trigger until the foam projectile emerges from the exit end. If the trigger is release or the air supply cut off before the pellet exits, it will remain in the Hose, tube or pipe until the trigger is depressed again with the correct air sup-ply connected.

  • The used foam projectile can help to diagnose the cleanliness and condition of the hose tube or pipe being cleaned.

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