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AM-1 Safety and Maintenance

Source :APS tube pneumatic cleaningTime :2013-09-11


Basic maintenance of your AIR-MATETM and accessories will ensure smooth operation. Simple steps are as follows.

Store the AIR-MATETM, Foam Projectile Launcher Heads and nozzles in the case provided.

Keep the AIR-MATETM, foam projectile Launcher Heads and Nozzles clean. Soap and warm water are adequate to clean the nozzles. Use a small amount of oil lubricant on all O rings. A small drop of oil in the air inlet will stop a leaking trigger. Always store pellets in boxes away from direct sunlight or fluorescent light as the pellets are supject to deterioration and discolouration under these conditions.

PSI AIR-MATETM with its Foam Projectile Launcher is environmentally friendly.

It is a powerful tool which does not require the use of chemicals or solvents to eliminate contamination, therefore theoperator is not exposed to dangerous materials.

When operating your system there are some basic rules you need to keep in mind.

Always wear safety glasses.

Wear protective gloves, clothing and respiratory protection as required.

Check that the AIR-MATETM is pointing in a safe direction before operating.

Never point the AIR-MATETM at another person.

Ensure that the hose, tube or pipe from which contaminates will be ejected is contained in a foam projectile catcher and is pointing in a safe direction.

Check that the air supply is fitted correctly and always turn the air supply off before disconnecting the line.

Regularly maintain the AIR-MATETM Pellet Launcher


State of the art purpose built hand held air tool designed to interlock with other PSI components.

Special features:

  • Two finger light trigger to minimise hand fatigue.

  • Trigger safety locking devise which protects the user from malfunction caused by incorrect engagement of heads.

  • Two port outlets for pressure relief and pressure gauge.

  • Streamline design for comfortable easy operation.

"Foam Projectile Launcher Heads"

Available in three standard sizes to suit hose, tube or pipe ranging from 5mm to 32mm, 38mm to 57mm, 63mm to 100mm to receive matching nozzles.

Special features:

PSI's specially patented connecting mechanism

Ring plate with O ring to receive and guide nozzles while the body O ring seals nozzle once in place.

Ring plate push button key locking device which secures nozzle ring plate to body

Three different size interchangeable foam projectile Launcher Heads. On the larger head, 63mm to 100mm, there is an extra safety feature of double locking keys and a relief valve.


foam projectile clean by being compressed against the internal surface of hose, tube or pipe.

There are four types of pellets currently available.

Standard - for all hose, tube or pipe without fittings.

Coupling - for assemblies, hoses with fittings and to eliminate fine particles of contamination.

Abrasive - for tube and pipe where there is a build up of contamination, surface rust or mild scale.

Grinding - for tube and pipe where there is a greater build up of contamination, surface rust or mill scale









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